This website uses cookies. According to the Act on Electronic Communications, which came into force on 25 July 2003, everyone who visits a website where cookies are used must be informed that the website uses cookies, what cookies are used for and how to disable them.

Use of cookies and other tracking technologies

We use cookies to enable you to get the most out of our website and personalise certain parts of the content. Cookies are small text files that are sent to your computer from our web server and stored in your web browser. Cookies help the advertising system to recognise the content and advertisements visited by users on our websites. Among other things cookies store information on how our readers use and surf on our website, which web browser they use.

We use collected/aggregated statistics regarding users/traffic and traffic providers. These statistics never contain any form of personal data. All data is anonymous. IP addresses are not saved in that database that stores data on user habits, so no information about you can be linked to your identity. Your IP address is only stored if you actively register on our website, for instance when you shop online or sign up for one of our services. It is stored for security reasons.

How to prevent cookies being stored

  1. You can erase cookies from your hard disk at any time, but this will also erase your personal settings.
  2. You can also change your browser settings to prevent cookies from being stored on your hard disk. However, this may impair the functionality of certain websites, and may prevent you accessing member pages as well as certain content and functions.

Google Analytics and Advertising features

Google Analytics is an analysis tool that helps website and app owners monitor how visitors use their property. The program can use cookies to gather data and report user statistics for web pages without personally identifying individual visitors on Google. We use this analysis tool for the purposes mentioned above. We also use Google’s Advertising features to make our ads more relevant to our target group. Google uses cookies like NID and SID to help customise ads in Google services such as Google Search.  You can read more about how to disable cookies above.

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