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Change the button functions by going into Mousetrapper.com, click Downloads, and then choose MT Keys for Windows or OS X. Follow the instructions.

To customise the button functions, go to Mousetrapper.com, click on Downloads, then choose MT Keys for Windows or OS X. Then follow the instructions. When you have downloaded MT Keys, an image of the product will appear that matches the image underneath your Mousetrapper. Position the cursor over the button you want to customise. Click on it by lightly pressing on the control pad once. You will now see a pull-down menu that lets you assign whichever action you want to that button. You can choose anything from adding a left-click, to creating shortcuts and inserting text that you can then paste at the press of a button.

MT Keys makes working with a computer easier!

If you have a Mousetrapper Office the MT Keys functionality is limited to moving.

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MT Keys

By placing your index, middle and ring fingers on the control pad you can control the cursor with simple movements as the control pad moves smoothly in two dimensions. You can also left-click anywhere on the control pad.

MT Keys software lets you easily reconfigure the existing functions of your Mousetrapper to choose exactly the functions you want. MT Keys software is easy to download from the Mousetrapper website.

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