Mousetrapper accessories

Mousetrapper armrest

The Mousetrapper armrest was designed with the user in mind.

Whether you use it in combination with a Mousetrapper or not, it helps to relieve strain in your neck, shoulders, backs and forearms. The asymmetrical design promotes a naturally centred and relaxed working position in front of your Mousetrapper or keyboard.

This prevents the risks of carpal tunnel syndrome and strain injuries.

Thanks to the uniquely thin central section, which is only 40 mm deep, it encourages you to work very close to the keyboard, which prevents over-stretching your forearms.

The Mousetrapper armrest is easy to clean and disinfect, since the top surface is made from black artificial leather.

The Mousetrapper armrest comes with a set of two Z-shaped brackets as standard, which will fit most desks on the market. The desktop should not be thicker than 4 cm.

Width 680 mmArmrest*: TB201, recommended retail price: 995 SEK
Depth 205 mmArmrest**: TB202, recommended retail price: 995 SEK
Height 20 mm(exclusive VAT)
Waist 40 mm* Works for advance, office and prime ** Works for flexible

Wet wipes

The wet wipes can be used on all parts of your Mousetrapper, both the carpet to the buttons and wrist supports. Contains 20 cleaning wipes. Clean your Mousetrapper at least once a month to avoid dirt and grease stuck and impairs their function.

Please note that no other wipes or cleaning wipes should be used. The wet wipes does not contain alcohol. In case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes with running water for a few minutes.

Wet napkins: TB203, recommended price: 120 SEK
(exclusive VAT)


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