Experience the feeling

Experience the feeling.

One of humanity’s most important gifts is the dexterity of our fingers. We at Mousetrapper embrace that gift. Our moving control pad follows the movements of your fingers and provides a unique feel and pattern of movement that is hard to find in any other computer mouse. A Mousetrapper helps prevent pain in your arm, shoulder and neck. It simplifies your work and ensures you won’t be prevented from doing the things you truly love. 

Our goal is to make everyday life easier for our users. A Mousetrapper gives you a better working day, with more energy to focus on what you do best. Together, we can build healthier workplaces and better lifestyles. Try Mousetrapper – the wellness mouse.

Mousetrapper prime

All you want from a Mousetrapper, and then more. Take your work to the next level.

Mousetrapper advance 2.0

Mousetrapper advance 2.0 is our top seller and comes in two versions with stylish accent colours: white or turquoise.

Mousetrapper office

Mousetrapper office is our core product, a healthy pointing alternative that prevents mouse arm.

Mousetrapper flexible

Small, light and wireless – the most compact product in the Mousetrapper range.

Natural patterns of movement with revolutionising technology – experience the Mousetrapper feeling with our moving control pad.

More than 20 years ago, we had an idea of how to change people’s working position and improve ergonomics for those who spend many long days in front of the computer. As early as 1994, we launched our first Mousetrapper and shortly thereafter, our moving control pad – a uniquely designed rubber pad that moves in two dimensions under your fingers. The technology is based on years of research, and our development team is constantly working to advance and improve our products.

Why Mousetrapper?

Hear the chiropractor Martin talk about the advantages of an ergonomic mouse – with English subtitles.


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